data structure 10

In this week’s Discussion, you considered the many possibilities for the way that data are structured within your database. Your understanding of that data structure is pivotal as you analyze the data. By now, you know that having the ability to identify and manipulate the different variables in the database will allow you to obtain meaningful information and maybe even find new information that was not initially collected.

For this Assignment, you will use a given data set to create and update a database in SPSS.

To prepare:

  • Use the original (not modified) data set selected for your SPP (on week 1), and open it in SPSS.

Perform the following operations on the data set:

  • Select a continuous variable from the data set and provide full definition for each variable.
  • Convert your continuous variable to a categorical variable.
  • Provide reason for how you converted the variable.
  • Provide descriptive statistics for the continuous variable.
  • Produce frequency tables for the new variable you made.
  • If any of the cells in your frequency table has less than 6 individuals in it, combine that level with other levels so there is no frequency less than 6.
  • Submit descriptive statistics for both the original and new variables.

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