Description of a Technical Device

Description of a Technical Device.

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Write a one to two page description of a concrete or solid object, such as a clock or another object with moving parts; i.e. a

computer mouse, a keyboard. Title the assignment as Assignment 2, Description of (name of object).

Generally, in Assignment you will describe the size or general dimensions of the device that you have selected to describe, its

material makeup or covering, what it looks like specifically to the user at first view, and some detail about how it works.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to inform the reader about the device. The device that you select to describe should have a few moving parts, but do not describe an automobile, an oil rig, or a space station because these items are too large.

Another objective of this assignment ent is for you to examine or view the objet carefully noticing little, finite details about the item. DO NOT COPY A DEFINITION OR DESCRIPTION FROM THE INTERNET. This should be an object that you have in your office or at home as an object with which you are fairly familiar yourself but have never described in writing before. This assignment is designed to teach you critical and analytical writing skills. The

Format for Assignment: Center the title on the page. Type your name on all attachments. Example for a title: Description of the Casablanca Ceiling Fan

(You may also include the Model Number in the title as well or in the first paragraph.).

I recommend that you use a tab spacing for each new paragraph in your documents and you can just

indent new paragraphs and not have to worry about inserting an extra blank line before new paragraphs before a new paragraph and indent paragraphs. Write your name, course number, and the assignment number on your attachment in the upper left-hand corner of your assignment. Include in this first assignment a note or footnote telling me the computer

software application that you will be using this semester, such as Microsoft Word for Windows.

Use 1 or 1.5 line spacing for most documents that you submit.

Draw an illustration of the object described and label it as Figure 1. Give the illustration a title. You can draw this object freehand or copy and paste a picture of the object. Be sure to label the object with a title and five the illustration a figure number. For example: Figure 1. Overview of Casablanca Ceiling Fan or Figure 1. Diagram of Casablanca Ceiling Fan. Then put a source note for the source from which you obtained the picture.NOTE:You may cut and paste an illustration if you include the source from which you took the illustration.

Description of a Technical Device

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