design thinkingn and Research Large Company’s Start-Up Assignment

design thinkingn and Research Large Company’s Start-Up Assignment.

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For this assignment, you are starting the planning process for the final project. Start by watching this video:(

Next, read this introduction to Design Thinking (Links to an external site.) as well as the Design Thinking Project Outline. (Links to an external site.)I highly suggest that you make a copy of the document and use it as an outline for your final project report. I have also added a Design Thinking informational module after Module 15 in this course. (Could be 3-4 pages)

Next, think about a problem you would like to solve or an opportunity you think could be big. For the assignment due this week, you are going to complete the first part of the project outline. It’s okay if these ideas change for your final project (that’s just a part of the design thinking process anyway). And we will be learning about more tools and approaches throughout the term that will help inform your final project. So this is just a starting point. Here’s what needs to be addressed for this week:

  • Problem/Opportunity Identification Stage
    • What problem do you want to solve?
    • What opportunities do you see?
    • What new product, service, etc. are you thinking about (general description)
    • Who may benefit from solving the problem?
    • How will you define success? What indicators will tell you if you are successful?
  • Project Planning Stage
    • Create a timeline for completing each of the stages
    • Final project report due at the end of Module 15
  • Write one question you have about the final project

Not sure about project ideas? Here are some ideas. Remember that you will be following the Design Thining process including the empathy, ideation, and prototyping phases. So while you will want to pick something challenging, you should also pick something that you can handle during the term. Ask any questions about the assignment or your project idea here.


Problem/opportunity area: Entertainment
Product/service: New sport, boardgame, mobile app

Problem/opportunity area: Automotive
Product/service: Phone holder, accessory tray, charging station

Problem/opportunity area: Phone
Product/service: Stand, case

Problem/opportunity area: Environmental concerns
Product/service: Recycling processes, community education programs

Problem/opportunity area: Cafe
Product/service: rewards program, ordering and preparation processes

Problem/opportunity area: Education/Tutoring
Product/service: Mobile app, tutoring processes

Research a large company to find out more about its beginnings as a start-up or small business. Who founded the company? What were the company’s original offerings, and how do they differ today? (at least one page)

design thinkingn and Research Large Company’s Start-Up Assignment

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