Disccusion Group In Class Assignment Week 6

Disccusion Group In Class Assignment Week 6.

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Define and Describe the following:

  1. How was slavery established and practiced in England’s North American colonies?
  2. How and why did colonists sense of identity change before 1764?
  3. What was chattel slavery?
  4. Name three factors that led to the American Revolution.
  5. How did education differ in the:
    • Middle Colonies
    • Southern Colonies
    • New England Colonies
  1. What was the Great Awakening and who did it appeal to?
  2. What were the:
    1. Bread riots
    2. Market riots
    3. Impressment riots
  1. Name three areas of society that experienced growth in the 18th century.
  2. What were the effects of dissent and protest?
  3. What was the French and Indian War and how did it affect the colonists?

Disccusion Group In Class Assignment Week 6

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