discourse Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis Essay

discourse Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis Essay.

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Rhetoric, as we’ve defined in class, is the art of persuasion. We use

rhetoric constantly in our

everyday lives, from everything to trying to decide where to go for dinner to a more formal political

or ideological discourse. While rhetoric is often associated with speaking and writing, it is not limited

to those fields. We p

ersuade people, not only by what we say or write, but how we say it. We use

visuals and sounds, and we play with people’s connotations and associations.

One of the most obvious forms of rhetoric in today’s culture is the advertisement. Advertisements


certain products, etc., use rhetoric by choosing who acts in them, how they’re acting, the colors

used, the words used, even the music used. For this assignment, you’ll be

choosing an

advertisement, preferably no more than 2 minutes in length, and analyzin

g it rhetorically.

In contrast to the Literacy Narrative Essay, this essay will contain very little of your own experiences

and opinions. Your job, in writing this paper, is not to decide whether or not what is being

advertised is good or right or ethical

. Your job is to analyze

how well the ad is doing its job.


is persuading people of? How is persuading them? What cultural norms and assumptions are used in

this ad? What was the result of the ad? Was it successful or unsuccessful? I’d particularly lik

e you to

pay attention to elements


than words, though you are certainly welcome to include a discussion

of used dialogue and writing. Make sure that you are thinking about what decisions the company and

the creators of the advertisement had to make i

n order to produce what’s now in front of you.

Starting on

Wednesday, March 11


you’ll present your advertisement and give us a brief overview

of what they’re persuading people of and how they’re doing it. These presentations are highly


and, real

ly, just serve as a way for students to understand how rhetoric works across a

variety of advertisements.

Presentations should be 2

3 minutes

not including the sharing of the


While no outside sources are necessary for this paper, other than

the advertisement itself, I’d

strongly advise you to do some personal research on the non

verbal aspects of rhetoric and how to

talk about them in your paper, some of which we’ll be discussing in class.


I need a first draft and final draft.

discourse Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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