Discrete Structures – Big Data

Discrete Structures – Big Data.

I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.


Submit a 1 to 3-page project plan that MUST include the following information:

For each data set that you are using for the final project, include the following specific information:

  • What years of data are you using for the project and why?
  • What final features did you select for the project?Describe them.
  • If the decision was made to only use a portion of the data, describe it.For example, if your TEAM will only focus specific states or regions—write about it AND Include your rationale.
  • For the final analytic data set, what is the number of instances and the number of features?
  • Discuss all data errors and issues.How were those issues resolved?
  • Discuss any feature engineering that was done to the data set.Why?

We already did answer some of the question, but we need help with the other.

Thank you .

Discrete Structures – Big Data

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