discussion 1222

Hi, This is a discussion part, there are two questions I need you write 170 words for etch one.(The questions in file “week1”)

Also I need you to a response on this Discussion at least 50 words

”As I am reading all of the responses to this discussion, I notice that all of them are great threats to an organization. Although, we need to think in the mind of a cyber criminal and wonder exactly what are modern day criminal intentions? Most want money, bragging rights or their name on articles of companies they have hacked etc. We tend to forget not all criminals think alike.

If I could choose one of the biggest threats to an organization it would be a Hacktivist. You may think “well a hacktivist doesn’t really get any financial gain” this is correct but as I said before, criminals don’t think the same. We are in the era of wanting to promote our thoughts, ideas and personalities but also want to keep our personal information safe. For years we expressed our freedom of speech and if we don’t like how an organization is running/changing the society, one may want to jump in the middle and stop that change. We’ve come a long way from protesting in front of the 70 story building of the company that is taking our money. If someone wants to make a change, they can simply stay in their living room on the computer and use network/application/security/web engineering to do so.”

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