Discussion and LabProject

Discussion and LabProject.

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1. Please, read chapter 9 before Discussing each of the questions.

Discussion Learning Objectives: The week 9 discussion centers on the Windows Network security. In this lesson, we will be looking at the usefulness of windows communication and how it creates efficiency to organization’s business functions. At the same time, an unauthorized users can have access as well. This means that we have to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is maintained when the window’s computers communicates. Therefore, you are tasked to discuss the following:

DQ1: The principles of Microsoft Windows network security allows access on resources for authorized user, while denying access for unauthorized users. Please, discuss the above statement and provide example based on your organizational access control implementations.

DQ2. Based on the reading, how do you secure Microsoft Windows Environment Network services?


  1. Based on what you’ve read in chapter 9, recommend 5 steps or measures an organization could take to mitigate unauthorized access to an organizational network infrastructure.
  2. Please, write not More than two pages

Discussion and LabProject

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