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We are learning about Propaganda Techniques. The techniques are very effective in persuading people to buy products or use their services.


  • Bandwagaon; most people are doing this so you should too.
  • Loaded words; using strong words that have strong emotions
  • Testimonials; using an expert or celebrity to sell or support
  • Name calling; saying bad things about your competitor
  • Plain folk; using ordinary people to sound ordinary to sell something or persuade you to vote or support and idea
  • Glittering generalities; using vague or sweeping statements often slogans or simple catchphrases. Using language associated with values such as honor, glory, love of country. Basically saying things without specifics
  • Transfer; A technique used to carry the authority and approval of something we respect and revere to something that would have us accept. Such as the flag or things to stir our emotion to win our approval
  • Repetition; repeating key words or phases to enhance the message
  • Wit and Humor; using humor or wit to describe products/services or cartoon characters.

Discussion Question: Tell about a commercial, advertisement, or something that uses on of these techniques. Explain what it is that represents this style. Is it effective. Give details.

Here is mine: President Trump, whether you like him or not, his entire campaign against his competitors for Presidency was based on Name calling. Although I am not a fan of this technique for the purposes to hurt someone verbally, Trump used this technique very effectively. He had names for everyone. Lying Ted, Crazy Megan, Crooked Hillary, Little Marko, and Fake News to just name a few. This technique worked well for him and it sort of put him above others running against him.

Again, I am not a fan of this technique. However, one cannot give a lot of argument that it did not work for him.

I am looking forward to your post. I know you can find a lot of examples from commercials using these prescribed techniques. You do not have to use political examples. This one I used just stuck out in my mind.

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