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Option One: Social media is alive and well in business and everyday life and not going away any time soon. The use of “Twitter” posts almost daily from the White House are a constant source of controversy and something I am sure those close to Trump wish he would stop doing. Does an employer have a right to monitor employee social media accounts and use any information posted or displayed against them? Why or why not? Attached are a few humorous examples of the way social media has saturated our society, especially in the Generation “X”, “Y”, and “Millennial groups.

Option Two: A student in a previous class responded to this Discussion Board assignment with the following comments: ” I agree no company, whether big or small, should have to pay employees to be ineffective, but there is a new workforce out there who works harder on looking busy than really being busy or productive. I can’t count how many excessive restroom breaks with cell phones or hiding cell phones next to work stations goes on every day. I have caught people text or take phone calls during work hours, and all they can say is sorry and it was important. These activities kill production, planning and on time delivery daily in manufacturing facilities.” A classmate responded to him saying the company should have a policy “no cell phones during work hours” and have each employee check their phone in to be held except for lunch periods and employee breaks and then checked back in.

Please comment and explain your thoughts on the policy of checking phones in and out and how you would react if your employer implemented the same policy.

**APA format

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