discussion borad question

discussion borad question.

1.The materials outline many critical aspects to “get right” in conducting international business. What are the most important aspects in your view? Please discuss and post them.

2.What is the best legal structure to use to reduce risk in a new foreign market in your view based on the reading materials (partnership, formation of local corporation, joint venture, acquisition, branch office.) Justify your view and post it.

3.Pick two factors that you consider to be critical when setting up a foreign operation and discuss and post why.

4.From recent news sources, point to a recent example of where a US company was successful in overcoming a barrier to entry in a foreign market and whether you believe that their success is a model to be used by others, or if not, why not.

there is four discussions, just wirte 300-400 words each is enough.

discussion borad question

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