discussion every organization has its own process and format for the feasibility analysis collapse

Week 1 Discussion 1

Every organization has its own process and format for the feasibility analysis, but most include three techniques:

    1. Technical feasibility: Technical feasibility looks at the capability of the organization to successfully develop the proposed system. Included in this assessment is the project size, the types of technologies to be used in the project, and the amount of prior experience with that technology and the business application.
    2. Economic feasibility: Economic feasibility addresses the economic justification of the project. Here, we attempt to determine if the value of the project’s benefits justifies investing in the project’s estimated costs.
    3. Organizational feasibility: Organizational feasibility evaluates whether the system is likely to be accepted and used by the organization. Included in this assessment will be the strength of the sponsor’s and management’s support for the project and the enthusiasm or resistance of the users for the project.

Week 1 Discussion 2


The purpose of the system request is to initiate a systems project. A system request is a document that describes the business reasons for building a system and the value that the system is expected to provide.

The project sponsor usually completes this form as part of a formal system project selection process within the organization. Most system requests include five elements: project sponsor, business need, business requirements, business value, and special issues.

The feasibility analysis represents a more detailed investigation into the proposed system outlined in the system request. Feasibility analysis guides the organization in determining whether to proceed with a project. Feasibility analysis also identifies the important risks associated with the project that must be addressed if the project is approved.

The system analyst and the project sponsor work together to more fully develop the objectives of the system and to understand its potential costs and benefits to the organization.

The system request and the feasibility analysis are the key inputs used by the approval committee in determining if the proposed system has enough merit to move into the Analysis Phase

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