Drug addiction

Drug addiction.

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Explore the etiology, symptoms, areas impacted in the brain, and treatment options for addiction.. Share some of the treatments options available for abuse / addiction to this substance. Explore the role relapse-prevention plays in substance abuse treatment and recovery. Describe how drugs such as methadone and buprenorphine are used to treat some drug addiction. How do you feel about treating drug addiction with administering another drug?

Use clear examples. Expected word-count for substantive participation is between 175-275 words. Add at least 1 reference, edit for grammar/spelling, and check for plagiarism. It is encouraged to bring in outside supplemental resources for review (please use a reputable internet site).

Document 2:

Reply to each of the following responses within a minimum of 50-100 words.

An addition is defined as an involuntary servitude in which the demands of one’s drug dependency must be fulfilled. People do not rationally become addicted to drugs. The immediate reinforcing effects of the addictive drug sometimes overpower the knowledge of the long term aversive effects. Not everyone exposed to addictive drugs will become addicted. There are a few factors that are involved; heredity, age and environment. Opiates, derived from a sticky resin produced by the opium poppy triggers the release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens. It has been eaten and smoked for centuries. The release of dopamine causes feelings of pleasure, while of another part of the brain creates a memory of the feeling and associates it with the circumstances in which it occurred. The conditioned association with the feeling leads to the craving for the drug. Repeatedly using the drug in higher dosages alters the brain in a way that it functions more or less normally when the drugs are present and abnormally when they are not. Over time the brain will become less responsive, building a tolerance. Methadone is used to treat opioid abuse by attaching to the brain cells mu opioid receptors just like addictive opioids. The effects are different because of their different durations of action. Methadone has effects that last for days thus producing minimal tolerance and alleviating craving and compulsive drug use.

Drug addiction something that I am very familiar with because I myself was addicted to drugs. I have been clean and sober for 9 years already and the drug of my choice was cocaine. Cocaine increases the stress hormones like cortisol in the brain which can raise your blood pressure and in doing this can damage your cardiovascular system, it also interferes with the dopamine being reabsorbed by neurons, it also leaves you depressed when you come down from a high causing mental health issues which also creates another problem. Cocaine also damages the structure of your brain and the lining of the veins and arteries can become damage leading to headaches or worse, since damage to the veins and arteries can restrict the blood flow to the brain it can also lead to blood clots and strokes. Lots of damage from the use of this drug. For me going to a program and giving my entire effort to get clean was what helped me I learned how to change my behavior and deal with the issue that led to my addiction and that is what has helped me stay clean, I do not know what may help someone else because everyone and their addiction is different but I know one thing for sure and that is that recovery is possible and doable and I am living proof of that. There are addictions to heroin where they use methadone to help with recovery and I did not know a lot about this issue until the other day I met someone who used methadone maintenance and has been able to stay clean off heroin for 8 years now, I did not take any kind of drug to help myself stay clean but l believe that methadone used properly will help an individual recover.

Drug addiction

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