Easy 2 pages position paper

Easy 2 pages position paper.

I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.

hi first of all please do not answer this question unless you are 100% doing this work originally I’ve had a plagiarism issue before and if you are not writing this paper by your self originally don’t bother. Use credible sources don’t use complex vocabulary ( I’m an international student make it simple but not stupid)

You will be writing a position paper ( 2 pages) about the topic ( law enforcement agencies become too militarized? )

You are to back your writing with three academic credible sources
and you might use th sources but please choose good sources with Credibility.
i will attach bellow a sample of the position paper and the guidelines of it too.

Again please don’t screw this as it’s my graduation semester and i will get in trouble if it’s plagiarized so please make it your own and use 2 credible sources other than the book i told you about above.

Easy 2 pages position paper

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