ECOM421 Assignment 2_05 Marks.docx[15284]

ECOM421 Assignment 2_05 Marks.docx[15284].

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Guidelines for Assignment:

  • Only use MS-Word format to submit the assignment
  • Don’t submit the assignment without applying following the below mentioned formatting guidelines.
  • Font style: Times New Roman , Font size: 12/14
  • Page layout: Page size-A4,Orientation-Portrait,Margins-Narrow
  • Paragraph spacing: 1.5 line spacing with Justified paragraph(Ctrl +J)
  • Insert page number in footer section.
  • Plagiarism test is mandatory before submission of the assignment.
  • Use APA referencing for any contents taken from outside trusted resources.

ECOM421 Assignment 2_05 Marks.docx[15284]

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