economics 323



You are required to write a minimum of 1,000 words and cite 3 sources for each essay. Grading will be based upon how well the essay demonstrates that you have read, understood, and carefully considered the question, and external resources needed to complete the assignment.

Formatting Instructions:


  • Good introductions will highlight the key points of your Critical Writing Assignments and should lead the entire paper. You can only write a good introduction after you have conducted the necessary research and thoroughly understand the pertinent chapters in the textbook.
  • Following the introduction, discuss and corroborate the key points of your Critical Writing Assignment.
  • Conclusions are 1 paragraph and should never introduce or discuss anything that hasn’t been discussed earlier. 


How would Adam Smith respond to modern-day claims that unequal distribution of wealth leads to social unrest?

To accomplish this assignment, identify and discuss the pertinent economic theories associated with Adam Smith and this research question.





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