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In Chapter 6, you read about the importance of conserving natural resources through sustainable practices. Ecotourism, sometimes called “sustainable tourism,” is one step people can take toward ecological responsibility.

When ecotourism is implemented successfully, it:

uses the financial gains of tourism to support the conservation and preservation of the environment.

encourages businesses in the tourist industry to implement “green” policies and practices in their daily operations.

challenges travelers to adopt mindfulness, awareness, and sensitivity to cultural and environmental needs around the world.

benefits members of indigenous communities through economic growth.

For example, an Alaskan cruise company might take passengers through Glacier Bay National Park and provide facts about glaciers in relation to climate change. Passengers can disembark for a day at ports of call (such as Anchorage, Ketchican, and Skagway) to experience the wildlife and nature in those habitats.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Think of an ecotourism event you have experienced or research one that occurs near your community. Describe the event or destination by explaining the environmental features that attract tourists. What are the benefits of that ecotourism? What are some disadvantages? Consider incorporating the details above in your response.


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Demarkeus Wherry

43 minutes ago, at 9:52 PM NEW

I am from Memphis Tn, and I stay 5 minutes away from Elvis Presley’s Graceland home. Even though I have never visited the place myself. It is always a buzzy destination. Since 1982 Memphis has seen an uptick in tourism since Graceland became open to the public. The mansion and surrounding grounds have actually attracted visitors from nearly every country in the world. Aside from being a beautiful place, Graceland was famously known as the home of Elvis Presley after he purchased the home in 1957. On August 16, 1977 Elvis died at Graceland. After, Elvis former wife Priscilla Presley and the executors planned to open Graceland to the public. By June 7, 1982 graceland was open to the public for tours and since hosted more than 20 million visitors from every state in the union and nearly every country in the world. Because of this EPE has increased tourism in Memphis and continues to welcome over 500000 visitors annually and has become one of the five most visited home tours in the United States.

Jessica Oliver

2 hours ago, at 8:21 PM NEW

I think Louisiana is well know for its tourism, ecotourism specifically, not that anyone calls it that. I have pretty much experienced ecotourism all over the state of Louisiana. Here we have a good amount of state parks, camp grounds, fishing tours, swamp tours, and Global Wildlife. I enjoy visiting the Tickfaw State park, it is less that 20 miles from my house, it is a very peaceful and scenic area. I usually go for a hike or a bike ride on the scenic trails. The camp ground that I enjoy the most is located in Robert, LA. It has many open trails, lakes, birds,and other wildlife to enjoy. A lot of tourist come from all over to experience our charter fishing and swamp tours. And Global Wildlife houses thousands of exotic and endangered animals from all over the world such as zebras, kangaroos, deer, bison.

I think ecotourism is beneficial in the fact that it brings awareness and knowledge of a specific area. For example the swamp tours here in Louisiana show case wildlife in its most natural form and a much preserved ecosystem.

Global wildlife is a non profit that brings awareness to the animals that are threatened and endangered.

A disadvantage may be that some people do not take pride in the areas mentioned above. Often times I notice that people are careless when it comes to picking up after themselves so that contributes to pollution in those areas


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