EGCE 325 Structural Analysis Project about analyzing structures and loads

EGCE 325 Structural Analysis Project about analyzing structures and loads.

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Background Information: There are three primary steps that civil engineers typically take in the analysis and design of any building or structure: (1) determine nominal loads, (2) perform structural analysis, and (3) design (size) the structural members. When designing structures, we need to determine the applicable nominal loads (also called service loads) on the structure based on the general building code under which the project is to be designed and constructed. Chapter 6 of the International Building Code (IBC) contains the minimum magnitudes of some nominal loads and references (ASCE/SEI 7) for other loads. For this project, we will use IBC, ASCE and SEI 7. Nominal loads, or service loads, are loads that are multiplied by a load factor in the strength design method, which is the required design methodology for concrete structures (ACI 8.1.1). The following table (Table 1) consists of a list of loads from IBC, ASCE and SEI 7.

Problem Statement: You are hired to work with a structural engineering firm and your first project is to begin preliminary analyses for a 5-story reinforced concrete building. The plan and elevation views of this building are shown in the figures below. The beams are 22 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep. The joists are 16+4 ½ x7+53 and weigh 84 psf. The roof consists of an ordinary flat roof (slope of ½ on 12). The building will not be used for any special purposes (also, it will not be used for any public assembly). The fifth floor will be used as a light storage facility with a LL of 125 psf. Floors one through 4 will be offices. Assume that there is a 10 psf superimposed dead load on levels two through six (levels two through six correspond to floors one through 5—see diagram). Normal weight concrete with a unit weight of 150 pcf is used for all structural members. For the purposes of this project, lobby and corridor loads may be neglected as well as any rain or snow loads that occur on the roof.

EGCE 325 Structural Analysis Project about analyzing structures and loads

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