Electrical Engineering/ Physics

Electrical Engineering/ Physics.

I’m studying and need help with a Engineering question to help me learn.


  • 11.1 (replace 60 mH with 65 mH)
  • 11.2
  • 11.3 (replace 4 percent with 3 percent)
  • 11.4 (replace 1.1 T with 1.0 T)
  • 11.5
  • 11.7 (replace 100 RPM with 90 RPM)
  • 11.10 (replace s = 0.04 with s = 0.03)
  • 11.11 (replace Ia = 6.5 A with Ia = 6.0 A)
  • Supplemental Download the image “brushless-dc-schematic.png”. A permanent magnet AC machine is connected together with a three-phase inverter to create a brushless DC motor system. The stator A winding is wound so that it produces a magnetic field in the 0 degrees direction. The stator B winding is wound so that it produces a magnetic field in the 120 degrees direction, and the stator C winding is oriented at 240 degrees. The windings are wye-connected.1.If the rotor angle — theta_r — is at -90 degrees, what is the state of each of the six FETs that will give the best torque in the CCW direction? (In other words, should AH be on or off? Should AL be on or off? Should BH be on or off? Etc…)2.What if the rotor angle is 150 degrees? What then should be the state of each of the six switches?3.What if the rotor angle is 210 degrees?4.There are two combinations of switch states that produce no stator excitation. What are those two states?5.There are six states in sequence as the rotor makes one CCW rotation. What are those six states in sequence? Show you answer as a 6 x 6 table in which each column is a switch state, and each row is one 60 degree wide sector of rotation. Start with the rotor at -90 degrees.

follow on whats says above!!!

please solve it and don’t use chegg I will post the questions below plus the book

link: https://www.academia.edu/39573224/Electric_Machine…

Electrical Engineering/ Physics

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