English 203

English 203.

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Write an essay summarizing the literary periods studied in each unit.
Structure The Literary Movements Summary Essay should be an academic composition with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay should be approximately 1,200 to 1500 words, with 10 paragraphs of 120 to 150 words each. The paragraphs should adhere to the following structure.
Introduction: The introduction (Paragraph 1) should state the basic scope of the literature periods the essay will cover—from the Classical Era to the Late Renaissance.
Body: The body of the essay should reflect the structure of the course, with a paragraph devoted to summarizing the main works of literature, themes, and worldviews represented by each unit. These paragraphs should contain at least one citation each from the Norton Anthology or the World Literature from a Christian Perspective text. • Paragraph 2: Ancient Hebrew Literature • Paragraph 3: Ancient Greek Tragedy • Paragraph 4: Roman Literature • Paragraph 5: Early Christian Literature • Paragraph 6: Medieval and Early Renaissance Literature • Paragraph 7: Renaissance Drama • Paragraph 8: Renaissance Poetry • Paragraph 9: Late Renaissance/Restoration Literature
Conclusion: The final paragraph (Paragraph 10) should summarize and restate the central ideas of the paper.

Requirements The essay should be a minimum of 1,200 words, be APA-compliant, and include a title page, appropriate citations, and a minimum of 10 citations throughout the paper.
Sources Cite any of the course texts and any academic article(s) from the Library databases in the essay. All references must be cited correctly in the text and be included in the references page. Do not use online or printed sources beyond the parameters outlined above

English 203

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