English composition.

English composition..

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

1. Modify Strength of Claim in Paper #1 (Handout provided; see detailed explanation and instructions in assignment description below. Here’s a handout about language that can be used to modify how strong a claim is. I don’t mean “strong” in the sense of “good,” like a “strong paper.” I mean “strong” as in a very bold statement, a statement that is difficult to defend. You need more evidence to support a strong claim than a weak claim. (I know that “weak” sounds negative. In this case, it’s not.) see attachment.

2. Review your annotated transcript from Angela Duckworth’s TED Talk, Write a draft of your summary paragraph for Paper #

  • Consider which examples you might mention in your summary paragraph. She rattles off quite a few examples of groups she has studied looking at grit. Which of those examples should be included in a summary? How much detail do you think is appropriate?
  • What new combinations of information can you create? Where can you make changes to the order of topics? Changing the combination and the order of information helps prevent plagiarism. write one page, please provide reference.

English composition.

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