English short story question

English short story question.

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The Lottery

Shirley Jackson

  1. The story has a shocking ending. But on close reading the ending should be no surprise. How does Jackson foreshadow the ending?
  1. Conforming to tradition plays an important role in The Lottery? How do the characters in the story conform to tradition? Include one example of the characters blindly conforming to tradition. Include one example of characters questioning tradition.
  1. Many people value tradition as a way to honor ancestors and maintain social cohesion and stability. However, social norms change and sometimes traditions become unacceptable or irrelevant to new generations. Identify and discuss a tradition in the real world that seems to have lost its popularity and may have outlived its usefulness.
  1. What does Old Man Warner mean when he says there used to be a saying, “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon”? Explain how this saying is driven by superstition. What connection might this saying have to religious faith?
  1. Many people like to fit in and be accepted by others, so they conform to the social norms of the group. However, there is sometimes a cost to conformity. The Lottery was published in 1948. What infamous event during World War II might have inspired Jackson’s story?
  1. Tell your own story of a time you gave in to social pressure, went along with the group, and regretted it.


English short story question

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