Environmental Analysis for a particular product

Environmental Analysis for a particular product.

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A phone with two additional build in bottoms to protect our safe

One is an “alarm bottom” when you push it there will be very very big noises which can be use to scare the bad people away because sometimes screaming by yourself may not be loud enough in a big area to catch the attention from other people

Another bottom once you push it, it “secretly connects you to the police office and they can hear what are you saying but the police voice will be diminished” So the bad peoples do not know you are on the call with the police This button “also send your real time location to the police” so they know where you are and can come to help and save you immediately

2 button accessories, can put on phone

Discreet Gps tracker
Customer to customer business
Selling online

Price: $70

Target audiences: Females, consern about safety, joggers, parents buying for their kids

It’s a part of big project,so it doesn’t need to use any writing prompts

Environmental Analysis for a particular product

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