environmental science memo assignment

environmental science memo assignment.

I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and need an explanation.

This assignment calls on you to:

  • Identify a natural capital sustainability problem that has prompted the development of possible solutions;
  • Explain how the problem arose, alluding to the drivers and pressures that impaired the natural capital’s sustainability and how that impairment impacts society;
  • Note the solution(s) formulated or contemplated to solve the problem;
  • Briefly summarize whether/how the solution seems to be succeeding or is likely succeed (this needs to be an issue where the problem-solver, e.g., local, state, federal entity has provided information); and,
  • Conclude the memo with a brief determination regarding the selected policy’s success/failure and costs/benefits.

Here’s a template to get you started:

[restate the question/issue/topic] This memo identifies a natural capital sustainability problem and assesses it in terms of DPSIR/policy process phases.

Then use the components solicited in the bulleted list above as headings/organizational structure of the remainder of the memo. You’ll need to be concise.

Attribute and cite sources as appropriate in the body of the memo and attach a list of sources at the end (using MLA or APA format). The memo should be between 650-750 words (exclusive of citation/attachments).

environmental science memo assignment

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