Epidemiology Quiz

Epidemiology Quiz.

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The determinants of health of can best be studied using which type of epidemiological research:

  • A. Analytical Studies
  • B. Descriptive Studies
  • C. Qualitative studies

When one is looking at the distribution of a disease, the epidemiologist is primary interested in which of the following three things:

  • A. Demographics, Geography, and Temporal/Time
  • B. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention
  • C. Mortality rates, Prevalence rates, Morbidity rates

When there is an outbreak of a disease, epidemiologists describe the cases of the disease using these important elements:

  • A. Time, Place, Person
  • B. Agent, host, environment
  • C. Lab testing, environmental testing, biological testing

Once an outbreak of a disease has been identified, epidemiologists need to implement control measures. Examples of control measures include which of the following? (Select all that apply)

Epidemiologists look at the distribution of exposures (things which cause or prevent disease). Which of the following would be considered an exposure? (Select all that apply)

Epidemiology Quiz

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