Essay about alcohol

Essay about alcohol.

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Choose a movie or television show where alcohol is consumed in some context. The film does not need to be focused on alcohol and it can simply be a small footnote. While watching the film consider the settings, actors, actresses, types of alcohol, and prevalence of alcohol. It is important that you capture all moments and details to gain a full understanding of how alcohol is portrayed in the film.

Answer the following questions, and after each response, explain your reasoning in 1,2, or 3 sentences. Be clear and concise in your answers. (Please answer each question using this form directly and submit with your answers.)



  1. Was alcohol displayed positively or negatively?
  2. Was alcohol consumption minimal, moderate, risky, both, etc.?
  3. Was alcohol use tied to any other questionable behaviors, crimes, drugs and how?
  4. Was alcohol consumption social or isolated?
  5. When characters consumed alcohol, how were they portrayed emotionally and physically (healthy vs. unhealthy; intoxicated vs. unphased, etc.)? Pick 1 or 2 characters.
  1. How did alcohol impact the persona and families of the key characters in the film?
  2. Did the film follow standard stereotypes of drinking (For example: men drinking beer, whiskey, etc.; women drinking wine and fruity beverages)?
  3. Was alcohol used as a branding technique or generically?
  4. If alcohol were removed, how would it have impacted the film?
  5. Write a summation paragraph(s) analyzing alcohol’s impact on the film, plot, and characters. This is subjective based, but should focus on how you portray the usage of alcohol in the film. (This may include content not included in the questions above.)

Essay about alcohol

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