essay one rhetorical analysis martin luther king jr quot i have a dream quot speech

Essay One: Rhetorical Analysis

  • Write a 650- to 800-word rhetorical analysis in which you examine the work for the three rhetorical strategies: logos, pathos, and ethos as well as any rhetorical devices.
  • The essay must include a strong introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis as well as a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis without using exact words.
  • Each body paragraph should contain a topic sentence that relates to the thesis and identifies the rhetorical strategy being analyzed, two documented pieces of strong textual evidence, thorough explanations of the author’s likely purpose for each quote, and a concluding sentence that give the paragraph a finished feel.
  • The essay MUST be presented in proper MLA format, with in-text citations included for each quote, and a properly-formatted Works Cited page.
  • Standards for all essays for the course are provided in the syllabus.

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