Ethical Decision Making of a company

Ethical Decision Making of a company.

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Identify a decision that you view as unethical. Explain why you think this decision is unethical. Do you think any of the following biases negatively influenced this decision-making process? If so, which ones?

• Confirmation • Availability • Representativeness • Adjustment • Escalation of commitment • Framing

Review the mental models presented in this blog from Farnam Street “Mental Models: The best way to make intelligent decisions.” Choose one or more of the models that you find appropriate to address/improve the unethical decision you select to write about. Link to blog from Farnam Street “Mental Models: The best way to make intelligent decisions”:

Written Assignment Guidelines: Below is a grading rubric to assist students with how to best prepare the submitted written assignments in this course. APA writing standards are expected. This includes paper formatting, citations, reference list, and writing in the third-person tone of voice (writing in the first person does not comply with APA). Scholarly writing is expected.

2 page minimum

40/40 Quality of writing, including APA formatting standards

40/40 Application of course content synthesis, including a chosen Bias to apply to the decision

20/20 Creativity, Originality, Author Suggestions, including a chosen Mental Model to recommend how the decision could have been handled/improved

Ethical Decision Making of a company

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