Ethical Language or Political Correctness Gone Wild?

Ethical Language or Political Correctness Gone Wild?.

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In recent years, people have become increasingly conscious of the ways in which our language gives the impression that we are referring only to men when it is more appropriate to refer to both men and women. Has political correctness gotten out of hand? Are we becoming too sensitive to gender issues (and other issues) in our public dialogue? Or are we not sensitive and mindful enough? Explain your answer thoroughly and avoid hasty responses. Whatever you use as the thesis to your reflection, support it completely and remember to be ethical throughout! If you use any sources outside of the textbook be sure to cite it in MLA or APA format both in-text and as a reference page.


Your submission for this assignment should be 12-point font, one inch margins, and a minimum of 1 1/2 pages. Do not add excessive spacing throughout your reflection. Be sure to proofread your work and edit it as necessary because points will be deducted for grammatical mistakes, typos, etc. Be sure to also support your answer fully and use evidence from the course content when needed. Do not excessively quote the text unless you have a need to and if you do, be sure to weave it into your reflection. You will be graded based on the quality of your reflection as well as the quality of your writing.

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Ethical Language or Political Correctness Gone Wild?

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