Evaluating a Welcome Email

Evaluating a Welcome Email.

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Discussion Directions: Imagine that you work for a digital marketing firm as a communications assistant. Your manager, Vince, has asked you to review an email that he plans to send to new employees and wants you to provide feedback for how he can improve the email.

Use what you have learned about tone, purpose, organization, and adapting to audiences to address the prompts below.

  1. Evaluate the tone of Vince’s message; is it formal, informal, or conversational. Please explain.
  2. Discuss the weaknesses with the organization of Vince’s email. Does it flow logically?
  3. Discuss the degree to which Vince has adapted his message to meet the expectations of an audience of newly hired professionals.
  4. In your replies to other students, compare and contrast your observations and conclusions to questions one through three.

Vince’s Email that You Need to Evaluate

Hey there guys,

Just a heads up that I think you’re going to find that our organization is warm and friendly. People really love working here and being a part of our special little family. Looking forward to getting to know you next week where I can sell you on how amazing this company is. I wanted to take a quick second to send along this welcome to you ASAP. Reach out with questions if you got’em. Please make sure that all your paperwork is submitted to HR, complete the new hire orientation online workshop, and complete your the new employee questionnaire by August 21. Reach out to Mark in HR if you have any questions.

Yours truly,


Grading Rubric

Exemplary Participation (9- 10 Points): Student clearly completed the learning activities and reviewed module learning materials as exemplified by their ability to analyze the email. They have provided evidence from course learning materials to support their observations and analysis. The original reply shows deeper-level thinking and application of concepts and topics. Comments are at least eight to ten sentences. Student actively replies to others on the discussion form with meaningful responses (e.g. more than just agree).

Satisfactory Participation (7.5 – 8.5 Points): Student include some language and terms to indicate that they completed the learning activities in the module, but the reply is heavily opinion-based vs. evidence-based. Students have not provided evidence to support their evaluation, but they demonstrate an understanding of the material. Student replies to others but responses may not be in depth, or may just agree or congratulate other students.

Developing Participation (< 7.5 Points): Student posts infrequently. The comments and observations are somewhat basic or elementary, not supported, or the student has completely missed the mark. There are few to no meaningful responses to others.

Evaluating a Welcome Email

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