example essay 650 words

Topic: Computer dating is more popular now than ever

Audience: Write for a general audience. Assume the audience knows nothing about the topic: describe and explain everything about the examples and link the conclusion about each example back to the thesis every time .Do not assume the reader understands a given concept or point until it has been explained.

Introduction: Write the introduction in such a way that attracts the reader. Give enough information about your subject that defines your topic and shows that you are interested in your topic. End the introduction with the thesis statement.

Body:Each body paragraph will support and illustrate your thesis statement through detailed examples and explanations.

Examples: The examples must be truly relevant to the thesis. Examples serve as the primary explanation. They must be well-chosen so the reader can see and understand the thesis through the examples. Examples serve a vital function, they help prove the point. Examples that are not relevant or well-chosen are distracting and cause the reader to become confused and to lose interest. Readers will appreciate the examples because the examples show the reader what to think.

Number of examples: Use a sufficient number of examples to make the thesis clear. Include examples illustration that display multiple perspectives so the reader will see and understand the complexity and importance of the thesis. Sometimes several short examples will be the best way to support the thesis, such as four or more fairly detailed examples – each in its own paragraph – mixed with a long, very well described and explained extended example in its own paragraph. If in doubt, always add more details.

Organization: The examples illustration must be organized so readers can easily follow the thread of the thesis through them – in other words, move logically from one example to the next, introducing, explaining, discussing, and linking back to the thesis as the essay moves forward. Save the best example illustration for last. If the essay is not well-organized, readers will become confused and lost Work hard to make the different sections of the discussion logical, connected, clear, illustrative and engaging.

Conclusion: The conclusion should be an allusion of the pattern used in the introductory paragraph. It should echo he thesis statement and summarize the points in the body paragraphs. This paragraph should leave the reader with a sense of completion; do not hint at or mention any points not discussed in the body of the essay.


Editing and Revising: Eliminate all basic writing errors. Three basic writing errors equal a grade no higher than a D. Five basic writing errors equals a grade no higher than an F.

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