Exhibition stage part 1. Proposal

Exhibition stage part 1. Proposal.

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To begin your exhibition project, select a female artist from the medieval to the present period whose work you enjoy, and then begin to narrow your focus to a particular aspect of that artist’s work. The most compelling exhibitions are not just about an artist; instead they offer a viewpoint about some facet of that artist’s work. For example, instead of an exhibition on Judith Leyster, you could do an exhibition on the symbolism in her paintings, or on her images of people playing music, or on how gender roles are reflected in her images. Another example—instead of writing about Lavinia Fontana, you might construct an exhibition that supports the thesis that her success was due to the patronage of the noblewomen of Bologna.

In a paragraph, explain why you chose this artist and what theme you might explore. Submit by the end of week 2 the discussion forum. Discern whether you will be able to find sufficient research material to organize an exhibition around this artist and possible topic. List at least 2 of your scholarly references with a brief sentence or two describing the content of each one. Your professor will provide feedback.


  • Statement of Interest and a Possible Thesis Statement
  • 2 Scholarly References Cited in MLA format
  • Brief critical analysis of the two listed scholarly references.

Exhibition stage part 1. Proposal

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