fake news story

fake news story.

Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

i need a reflective paragraph explaining how and why you wrote the article. What was your rhetorical appeal? Who was your intended audience? What was the “hook” to lure in readers? How did you grab the reader’s attention and still maintain credibility? 200 words. the article is attached

you can start with this :

By now, we all know who Florida Man is. If a news article is headlined with Florida Man, it is bound to be followed by something bonkers. This popularized meme takes from various stories describing people who are from or live in Florida, and are interpreted as the worst superheroes.

I know this is nothing but i would talk about how its a popular meme and how the obvious target are social media users and were obviously going for a humorous appeal so thats gonna be pathos

fake news story

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