Few paragraphs writing

Few paragraphs writing.

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Completing an assessment and plan for EoL care will vary depending on cultural, ethnic, or personal characteristics and preferences. Review the materials in the module and write about a priority for the EoL plan you may have within a specific culture. It may be the culture or group you have selected for your Special Circumstance assignment or the Cultural Differences at EoL assignment or it may be a different group. Provide at least one clear example about why this would be a priority to include in the plan, such as allowing for religious practices or including (or excluding) different family members in the plan of care.

Your response should be one to three paragraphs (200 words or more) and should cite at least one reference in APA format. Post your initial response at least 72 hours early to allow time for peers to respond for full participation points. Then respond to two peers (about 100 words). Try to select peers who selected a cultural group different then the one you selected.

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Few paragraphs writing

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