Fiction Explication

Fiction Explication.

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Explicate paragraph 5 and 6 of James Joyce’s “Araby” (pp. 236-242).

An explication is a close analysis of a passage in a story or a short poem or part of a poem. It involves a discussion of the meaning and techniques in the work that is being discussed. It can be a separate assignment or a tool used during a longer essay to explain the meaning of a section of the text.

Your explications should be about 2 pages, double-spaced, in 12 pt. font (500 words) and should focus in great depth on the passage assigned to you; an explication requires the close analysis–an unfolding or discovery–of the language of a written work.

Structure your explication as you would organize any essay: introduction, body, conclusion. Begin with a general overview of the work (author, title, brief description) and be sure that you have a clear thesis or statement about the material you are examining, which explains its significance and the connection to the work as a whole, if it is a passage from a longer piece. Examine the imagery evoked by the words, and consider carefully any connotations, or associated meanings, that might color the way a reader would interpret the piece. Look at the word choices, or diction, and try to discuss the sound of the language as well, including syntax, rhythm, alliteration, etc., if such techniques are used, which is often important in fiction and drama as well as poetry. Look for figures of speech, such as metaphors and similes, and try to decode any allusions or symbols. With poetry, consider the way the poem’s structure contributes to or reinforces the theme. It is particularly crucial that you connect your discussion to the overall theme, to explain how the part that you are explicating supports the message of the work.

Fiction Explication

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