Field Experience Project Report

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Research Topic: Safety and Effectiveness of Intermittent Fasting

An action plan has already been done so paper will relate and add on to that

Paper Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 8 pages (excluding tables, figures, and references, etc.). The text component of the paper should not exceed 12 pages. Do not select a topic that is too broad to cover in 8 to 12 pages.
  2. Line spacing must be double and margins must be one (1) inch (left, right, top, and bottom). Page numbers must appear on all but the title page. The title page does not count as part of the 8+ pages. Your first page of text is page 1.
  3. Font size must not exceed 12 pt. Courier or Times Roman, or 10 pt. Arial (or equivalent) or Verdana.
  4. A separate title page is required. You must provide your name, course name [SCI202: Interdisciplinary Science Lab], year/session you finished the project [i.e., Fall 2019 Term 2], instructor’s name, and submittal date.
  5. The document must be in proper format, have proper punctuation, good grammar, and be error- free (Standard American English rules). The document must be prepared in accordance with APA rules. You may be able to locate an APA Word template to assist you in producing an APA- formatted paper.
  6. Your Reference page must be properly formatted and in accordance with APA rules. Failure to properly cite a source is considered plagiarism*; such a report will receive a score of “0.” APA resources are provided in the Course Materials.
  7. You must have a minimum of 5 sources of information. All information derived from sources, other than you own words (i.e., facts, statistics, quotes, interviews, etc.), must be properly referenced/documented within the body (parenthetical or in-text citations) of the document in accordance with APA rules. It is strongly suggested that you do not use as a primary source of information.
  8. The document must include a separate Reference page, inclusive of all references/sources utilized within the document and they must be properly cited in accordance with APA rules. All references/sources must exist as parenthetical or in-text citations at least once in the document.
  9. Tables, figures, or photos are not required but may be viewed positively. Any tables, figures or photos must be properly formatted and embedded within the document, with source citations provided in the text. Table, figures, photos, etc. may be included as appendices.
  10. The document must be uploaded using the Final Field Experience Report Assignment link in Word (preferably) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) as one file. Any ancillary files will be ignored.
  11. The document must also be uploaded to (TII). no later than 11:59 PM ET, Sunday of Week 8. The instructor will provide TII access information in a course announcement. Failure to upload the document to TII will result in a 50-point deduction.

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