film studies 101 essay

film studies 101 essay.

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The final paper is a FORMAL ANALYSIS which means that you first identify the theme of the film and then describe ways that the director uses FORM (e.g.: color, lighting, camera work, design, composition, sound, editing, etc) to reveal that theme.

Your proposal should include the film (or films) you are writing about, the director, the theme, and the formal elements you will discuss. The final paper should be about 2,000 words in length and your proposal should be one-two pages.

This is a formal academic paper of 2,000 words with an introduction, body and conclusion. If you’ve never written a college paper before, refer to MLA format (google OWL Purdue for more information).

Start with a thesis (your central idea, for example “Director Francis Coppola uses the color orange to represent the theme of Family in the film GODFATHER”) and then present evidence to support that thesis.

As you watch the film, take notes and write down everything you see that relates to your thesis. Your proposal (due this week) is a simple description of what you intend to write about. Your notes (due next week) are the notes you take watching the film you have chosen for your paper.

film studies 101 essay

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