Final Essay (Sundiata, Popul Vuh, and Paradise Lost

Final Essay (Sundiata, Popul Vuh, and Paradise Lost.

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Develop a well-detailed essay of 4-5 paragraphs on ONE of the topics listed below. Don’t forget to review the guidelines for How to Succeed in the Written Assignments and the Sample paper in MLA format, and take advantage of the Smarthinking tutorial services before submitting your essay to the Assignment submission folder. All writing assignments have Turnitin enabled for plagiarism detection.


Discuss the role of women in Sundiata. Compare and contrast its treatment of women with the depiction of women in Popul Vuh, Paradise Lost, and/or any of the previous epics that we have studied. Is woman mainly subordinated to her male counterparts or does she exert some degree of power or agency?

Final Essay (Sundiata, Popul Vuh, and Paradise Lost

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