Final Paper

Final Paper.

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In the first half of the paper, compose a 5 – 7 pages on one of the major topics or theories covered in this course (such as self-actualization or psychoanalysis) and its implications for your personal life and professional work.

Choose a topic that has heart and value for you personally and also interests you intellectually. Write the paper for yourself and also for me. Don’t just summarize what we have covered in class. Focus on what you have learned about yourself and about the material from the course texts and outside sources (Minimum: 6 references).

For the second half of your paper, write a summary of your quarter-long experiences in a final reflections section. Reflect on what you learned. What went well? What was especially challenging? Also, see this part of the paper as referenced in the week 1 module.

This part of your paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length.

The minimum 10 page paper is to include academic references and to be written in APA style.

Textbook: Frager, R., & Fadiman, J. (2012).Personality and Personal Growth(7thed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-0205254781

Final Paper

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