Financial Power Point

Financial Power Point.

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Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to define the following terms, using graphs or equations to illustrate your answers where feasible.

  • Risk in general; stand-alone risk; probability distribution and its relation to risk
  • Expected rate of return, ^r
  • Continuous probability distribution
  • Standard deviation, σ; variance, σ2
  • Risk aversion; realized rate of return, r
  • Risk premium for Stock i, RPi; market risk premium, RPM
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Expected return on a portfolio, r^p; market portfolio
  • Correlation as a concept; correlation coefficient, ρ
  • Market risk; diversifiable risk; relevant risk
  • Beta coefficient, b; average stock’s beta
  • Security Market Line (SML); SML equation
  • Slope of SML and its relationship to risk aversion
  • Equilibrium; Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH); three forms of EMH
  • Fama-French three-factor model
  • Behavioral finance; herding; anchoring

Minimum of 7-10 slides, references of word are need it.

Financial Power Point

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