Find a news report and write comments about the report.

Find a news report and write comments about the report..

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For this assignment, I would like you to find a news report (or several related reports) about a particular current event relevant to China’s economy that you think is interesting. The report should come from a newspaper, magazine, or other news source that covers current events (e.g., Globe and Mail, New York Times, Economist, Newsweek, China Daily, People’s Daily, Beijing Review, CBC, BBC, etc.) published during this term (Jan.-Mar., 2020).

In the assignment, you should discuss the following questions:

1. Why do you think these news report(s) and this current event are significant? How are they relevant to or important for China’s economy?

2. How do you think this event could be related to the topics that are going to be/have been covered in this course?

3. Critically comment on the news coverage. Does the reporting on this issue/current event do a good job discussing and explaining the issue? Do you agree with the report(s)? If you were the journalist reporting this story, what (if anything) might you have reported differently?

Additional requirements:

1. Do not summarize the content of the news report(s). Rather, respond to the questions above and discuss your ideas/thinking about the report(s). In your answer, feel free to raise other questions or issues in addition to responding to the questions above.

2. Your comments should not be too long. Be specific and precise. It should be no more than one page, typed, double-spaced, with 1″ margins and 11 or 12-point font. Put your name and student number at the beginning. Attach copies or links of the news report(s).

3. The news should be in English.

Find a news report and write comments about the report.

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