gathering notes Median U-Turn

gathering notes Median U-Turn.

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students will be reading and gathering notes from a set of three (5) articles attached. These articles include:

  • “Modeling U-Turn Traffic Flow” by Jay Samuel L. Combinido and May T. Lim,
  • “Investigation the Effect of Speed Humps on Merging Time of U-Turn Traffic” by Jalal Al-Obaedi,
  • “Optimal Intersection Operation with Median U-Turn: Lane-Based Approach” by Jing Zhao, Wanjing Ma, K. Larry Head, and Xiaoguang Yang,
  • “Synthesis of the Median U-Turn Intersection Treatment, Safety, and Operational Benefits”, FHWA-HRT-07-033,
  • “Median U-Turn Intersection”, FHWA-HRT-09-057.
  • Note::When gathering notes, students should avoid simply copying and pasting passages from the journal articles but rather focus on expressing the thoughts in the students’ own words. While doing this, passages may be copy and pasted (within quotes) and properly referenced but these must accompany an explanation of the passage/section as developed by the student. The point is to display knowledge and understanding.

the main focus on these articles is Median U-Turn

gathering notes Median U-Turn

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