Get to Know Me Through Analogy

Get to Know Me Through Analogy.

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Overview: Making analogies is a key component of creative thinking, and introspective reflection on who you are and how you go about being in the world is a key component of happiness and success in life.
Goal: This self-reflective creative writing exercise is designed to give you practice honing your skills in several areas: tapping into your imagination, making connections/analogies, applying what you learned in the creativity videos, and expressing your ideas clearly and succinctly.

  1. Think of the ways in which each of these five different parts of you, your 5 bodies, intertwine to make you who you truly are.
  2. Make an analogy between EACH of your 5 bodies and a distinct object or process that most closely mirrors that particular body (see examples below).
  3. Be as profound and poetic as you can, and be sure to flesh out the parallel you are drawing by explaining how they are the same.


Get to Know Me Through Analogy

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