Group C: TTP-6 Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes

Group C: TTP-6 Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes.

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Assignmnet: TTP-6 Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes

my assigned part: Part 3. Project Narrative in Microsoft Word

This will be a brief narrative description of how you applied the changes listed in Part 2 of this assignment.

For instance, if there was no software (item 3, above), then what did you change instead to simulate a similar change? What were the ripple effects (item 5, above) that the changes triggered? And so forth.

Describe what project documentation needs to be changed (and what the needed changes are) in order to implement the specified changes listed in Part 2 of this assignment. You need not update the documents, just describe, in general terms, what would need to be updated

(Note: Ordinarily in a real-world project, we would also update and submit the consolidated project management plan (PMP) document (TTP-5) reflecting all changes and updates. However, for this class, we will omit this step.)

Prepare an overall earned value analysis for the project as a whole, not for each individual task. Though doing it for each task would be acceptable if Microsoft Project does it for you, only the overall wholeproject earned value calculations are indicated for this assignment. (Do not do individual task calculations of EV by hand.) You may use Microsoft Project to do the calculations or you can do it yourself with a calculator or in Excel. However you choose to do it, most of the data will come from Microsoft Project, which you will plug into the formulas.

The goal is to come up with EAC and Estimated Cost to Complete (ECTC), but you’ll need to calculate the rest in order to get there, therefore please calculate and submit the following figures. They need not be in a MS Word attachment, but may be answered directly in your Assignments Folder posting, as you wish.

As in a math class, show your work, i.e., show your formulas, input data, and calculations as well as your results. Include at least the following EV figures (you may include more if you wish):

• Original Budget at Completion (BAC) (baselined) • New Estimate at Completion (EAC) (changed) • New Estimated Cost to Complete (ECTC) (changed) • Original Planned Value (PV, BCWS) (baselined) • Actual Cost so far (AC, ACWP) (changed) • Earned Value so far (EV, BCWP) • Schedule Variance (SV) • Cost Variance (CV) • Schedule Performance Index (SPI) • Cost Performance Index (CPI)

Finally, answer the following questions:

1. What was the effect of the changes on your project cost? How much did it increase? Are you still on budget or are you over budget now?

2. What was the effect on your project schedule? How much did it increase? Are you still on schedule or are you late now?

3. What would you recommend doing to handle these changes and risks, assuming that the client cannot get any more money (it’s a fixed grant) and that it still has to be installed by the original deadline. Do not make changes in your project schedule or budget or documents to reflect this recommendation. Simply state what things you would recommend doing to handle the situation.

Note: the part 3 we are suppose to answer has be started. Please review , make corrections if necessary and finish TPP6- Part 3.docx

Please used scholar references

Group C: TTP-6 Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes

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