Health Care and Policy DL-MSN2

Health Care and Policy DL-MSN2.

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make a principal work with more than 300 words and more than 2 references no older than 5 years.

make 2 independent works , each one between 100 and 150 words and its references, too

Then in total 3 independent works,1 principal and 2 small.

APA 6 edition required and strictly perfect.

text book added and NOT can be used as reference.

Reflect on the current roles of advanced practice nurses in healthcare as the care providers at the front line of disease management and health promotion in primary care and many other specialty settings. What do you think are some effective tactics for APN strategic positioning regarding pay equality? Should APNs position themselves as lower-cost providers who provide better care or push for comparable worth, same service and same pay?

Below is an article that provides great practical information that highlights how provider productivity is calculated in the clinical setting, which is important to know as future nurse practitioners.

Calculating Your Worth: Understanding Productivity and Value-

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Health Care and Policy DL-MSN2

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