health sti powerpoint

Below is the format of the presentations. The presentation should be in a power point presentation and include references as well as a reference page. The presentation should begin by providing the class with 5 multiple choice questions in the form of a handout that are answered throughout the presentation. Also indicate the responsibility of each person for the entire presentation on a separate page. Presentations should be 15 – 20 minutes in length, with 5 minutes for questions. “ANY reading directly from note cards or PLAGIRISM” will result in an automatic 0 Therefore, take care to do your best work. Questions will be asked to the group. Use any unique presentation skills to present/teach your topic effectively. Dates for each group will be assigned.

Presentation topic:


•Background and History of Disease
•Pathophysiology of Disease
•Etiology of Disease
•Signs and Symptoms of Disease
•Causes and Epidemiology
•Diagnosis and Tests
•Treatment (Both drug and otherwise)
•Briefly explain how the drug works
•Current research
•Images (all do own)

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