help revise the article

help revise the article.

1) Complete the following four assessments: IA1 (Big 5), IA2 (Jung), IB1 (terminal, instrumental values), IE1 (emotional intelligence).

2) Based on the results of the assessments, write up an analysis of your individual tendencies in each of the areas in the assessments. Use course concepts in the analysis as well as examples from your life to support. Be sure to adequately cover each of the dimensions in the assessments in your analysis. (You do not have to cover the introversion/extraversion dimension for both the Big 5 and the Jungian scale, however–just cover it once.)

Please consult the lecture and/or this file for an understanding of the Jungian dimensions. (The assessment doesn’t give a good explanation.) You can also consult the Dreamhouse slides

3) Then discuss the types of work situations in which you would struggle, given your behavioral tendencies, and what you could contribute to a team or organization, given your behavioral tendencies.

(This paper should be about 8 pages long: About 5-6 pages for #2 above and about 2-3 pages for #3. However, the professor grades papers based on content, not length.)

help revise the article

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