help with quiz

help with quiz.

I’m studying for my Java class and need an explanation.

You are being asked to create a class called Your program should deliver the following:

  1. Asks the user for a location of a text file, with (FileNotFound) exception handling:
    1. Keep asking for a valid file name and location
    2. If an invalid file is provided, display an error message.
    3. Once provided, proceed.
  2. Opens the text file and finds the following:
    1. Minimum value
    2. Maximum value
    3. The average value of all number in the text
  3. Prints a message displaying the values in step No. 2

You may use the attached randomNumbers.txt text file for your project.

You are free to design this program anyway you want. No restrictions on the methods you could use. Submit the on eCampus no later than Thursday 3/5/2020 @11:59PM.

help with quiz

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