His 105 essay

His 105 essay.

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please write a history essay

History 105 First Essay Exam

Due: 11:59pm, Friday, February 21, 2020

Essay. You must respond to the question below in essay form. Your response should be detailed and use specific material from all parts of our class to support your answer. I especially want you to use material from our primary sources. A typical response is usually at least 4 full pages, double-spaced (1200 words and a normal times new roman 12-point font with regular margins), but you may have a longer answer. A paper shorter than 3 full pages needs to be very, very good to get a passing grade.

Be sure to use specific examples from the readings and class when answering the essay question. Do you best to incorporate material and examples from the textbook and the primary-source readings. Do not use outside sources and just use material from part 1 of the class (Chapters 2 through 5).

Despite the diversity in regions, religion, economics, and politics over this time, one theme in the class throughout so far has been freedom and liberty and the desire to achieve of these concepts.

Over the course of this class, explain the various types of freedom and liberty about which you have learned. How did freedom and liberty grow from 1607-1780 economically, politically, religiously, and socially? Be sure to look at regional differences and changes over time (not just during the Revolutionary era). Finally, how and why did some groups fail to make much or any progress in terms of freedom and liberty in this period? Explain why people who valued freedom and liberty so much denied these concepts to some others.

To answer this question, you must have information in this answer from each of the 4 chapters and from appropriate primary sources.

The following is the text Ppwerpoint outline.You know what I’ve learned so I don’t get sidetracked.

His 105 essay

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