HIS 240: WWI propaganda presentation

HIS 240: WWI propaganda presentation.

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“You may utilize a traditional product such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Google Presentation to create your presentations. You may utilize a presentation tool such as Prezi. You may also use web tools such as WordPress to deliver your presentation.

Your presentation should convey your message and select aspects of your supporting evidence in 8 to 11 slides. If there are no slides or slide transitions, limit your presentation to 3–5 minutes. Regardless of your choice of vehicle, your classmates must be able to access the “presentation” as a link or attachment through the discussion topic. If your visual presentation is hosted on an external site, you must provide a hyperlink that your instructor and classmates can utilize to access the presentation.

Regardless of your choice of vehicle, consider your presentation from the perspective of your target audience. Avoid distracting backgrounds, large blocks of text, all uppercase fonts, elaborate font styles, grammatical errors, and misspellings. Use the media purposefully to support a powerful presentation that allows your content to be the focus. Mindfully use clip art, AutoShapes, pictures, charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance but not overwhelm your content.”

Attached is my paper to be used as the basis for the presentation as well as the guidelines and rubric.

HIS 240: WWI propaganda presentation

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